22 March


La Prensa Texas – C4NC Article 2019

The Center For New Communities

29 December


A Smile and a Wave: A Story of Success

Two years ago, a young mother-to-be came into the Center for New Communities (C4NC) Little Lambs center in Fredericksburg to drop off her nephew for class. This became a routine and furthermore, a blessing. The mother-to-be’s daughter, Mireya, is a Little Lamb now, and her family shares the ups and downs of child development and […]

22 December


Stafford Mother Thanks C4NC

During the month of September 2015, I applied for Early Head Start Services at Stafford Family Learning Center. At the time of application, my family and I were homeless, staying with family members. As of October 28, 2015, I was afforded the opportunity to enroll my son Caleb A. Garcia, born August 28. I was […]

01 December


Community Support Helps Mother Find Better Opportunities

Karen Amovin, 18 months old, has been attending the Center for New Communities Family Learning Center at San Antonio College (SAC) since she was six weeks old. She has an older sister, who is six, whom she has never met. Akoko Amovin, Karen’s mother, came to the United States from Togo (officially the Togolese Republic) in […]

30 November


“Telling My (Home Based) Story”

Friendly, caring, kind, teacher and family are just a few words that I think of C4NC. I, Naomi Ramirez, have been with the program since 2012. It started with our son Allen Ramirez; at the age of two, he was not speaking using words, just gestures to ask for things. I had asked many organizations […]

28 November


One of Fredericksburg’s Little Lambs

My name is Kelly Chan, and I have two daughters, Tiffany and Emily. I am so thankful for Center for New Communities because without this program Emily would be at home with me. She wouldn’t have the learning experience as if she’s in school. My story with this program started when I was still in […]

26 November


C4NC Inspires Hope in Mother and Family

Zaid Reyes is 22 months old, and he has attended the Center for New Communities Family Learning Center at South San Filadelfia Church (SSFC) for over a year – since he was an infant. He is the first child of his family to attend an Early Head Start program. His mother, Adriana Cruz, attributes Center for New Communities Early Head Start […]

25 November


Creative Little Minds!

Our children at the Centers and in the Home Based program have finished a fall artwork project celebrating Halloween and the wonderful season! Here are some of our favorites:                                                 Projects like […]

09 November


November’s Newsletter!

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19 October


Breastfeeding Basics Class for Infant Caregivers

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