Policy Council

The Policy Council and Parent Committees are made up of parents and individuals in the community who have an interest in educating children. In addition to making recommendations to the board on programmatic needs, the council and committees provide an opportunity for parents to lead. Our objective is not to create leaders but to allow parents to demonstrate the leadership abilities they already possess. EHS staff are intentional in building the confidence of parents, and in helping them realize the impact they have in their own homes, neighborhoods and communities.

The number of Policy Council Members and Alternates* each Center and Home Based elects is determined based on the number of children the center serves. The specific numbers are listed below.

*Alternates may attend all Policy Council meetings, trainings and events, but do not vote except in the absence of one of their center’s Policy Council Members.


Fredericksburg Little Lambs: One Policy Council Member, one Alternates
San Antonio College (SAC): Two Policy Council Members, two Alternates
South San Filadefia Church (SSFC): Two Policy Council Members, two Alternates
Stafford: Two Policy Council Members, two Alternates
Tynan: Two Policy Council Members, two Alternates
Home Based: Three Policy Council Members, three Alternates

Additionally, each center or Home Based may elect a Community Representative. A Community Representative is not an Early Head Start parent, but is a member of the local community. They may have experience with Center for New Communities programs, Early Head Start, or local resources and services. (For example: past EHS parents or a member of another organization’s advisory board.)

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