28 November


One of Fredericksburg’s Little Lambs

My name is Kelly Chan, and I have two daughters, Tiffany and Emily. I am so thankful for Center for New Communities because without this program Emily would be at home with me. She wouldn’t have the learning experience as if she’s in school.

My story with this program started when I was still in California. I called around asking for a place that would accept Emily at 6 months. I couldn’t put Emily on the waiting list because she wasn’t living in Texas. With the help of the director Janna that guided me step by step to help put Emily on the waiting list, Emily was fortunate to get into the program. I was able to put Tiffany in preschool at 3 years of age.

I’m so thankful for the staff that made this program happen for our family. It’s the best gift I can give Emily, a place to grow while she’s learning. I’m so thankful for this center and especially all the wonderful staff! As a parent, I will try to help Emily’s school as much as possible. I love this program.

– Kelly Chan


Emily with her favorite person!


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