22 December


Stafford Mother Thanks C4NC


During the month of September 2015, I applied for Early Head Start Services at Stafford Family Learning Center. At the time of application, my family and I were homeless, staying with family members. As of October 28, 2015, I was afforded the opportunity to enroll my son Caleb A. Garcia, born August 28. I was excited and grateful, for this would allow me the opportunity to look for work and start the process of applying for housing for my family.

The support and services provided by C4NC have enabled me to go seek employment and be able to better support my family. I am now in the process of applying with SAHA in efforts to get on the waitlist for housing in the area of 78237.

At the end of November 2015, an employer called and offered me a job, and I accepted. The position is working as an Administrative Assistant. I owe many thanks to C4NC for the beginning of good things happening as well as for my success to this date. Stafford Family Learning Center gave me and my children the opportunity to receive Early Head Start Services and be more stable as a family.

My goal is to provide for my children. My goal and focus is working towards securing housing so my family will have a permanent place. Thank you, Center for New Communities, for the services and all the support given,


Amanda Soliz


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