30 November


“Telling My (Home Based) Story”

Friendly, caring, kind, teacher and family are just a few words that I think of C4NC. I, Naomi Ramirez, have been with the program since 2012. It started with our son Allen Ramirez; at the age of two, he was not speaking using words, just gestures to ask for things. I had asked many organizations for their help but was turned down, as they didn’t believe Allen needed any help.

Soon after I met Ms. Valerie Reyna when she came to my door asking if we had any children three years or younger. She offered to assist us with anything we needed help with. A few days after meeting Ms. Reyna she came to my home and worked very well with my son. It’s like he knew that she would help him learn even more. All the fun games, books and songs she had for him just made him smile so much. Over the years Allen has grown so much, and he is now in kindergarten at Forester Elementary. He is the top of his class, and he is reading at a high level above the others. On the computers he has advanced so much, he picks up on all the new things at school to learn. He loves to sing songs and read books. Most of all is that he has so much love in just wanting to learn.

Since then I have had my other two sons with C4NC and just watching them learn so much just makes me so happy. C4NC works so well with not just our children but with the whole family. All the events and socializations the organization has make me feel like we are all family, so kind and carrying to everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Center for New Communities. Without you all I don’t know what I would have done.

– Naomi Ramirez


Allen painting with his youngest brother, Abraham.

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